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Hello! I'm Liudmila

And I untangle. Yes. As in, I free up from a tangled or twisted state. Make complex and complicated things, simple, easier to understand and deal with. In other words? I clean up mess, I declutter, I repurpose. I not only optimise and improve. If I asses the fundament is not solid enough, I de-construct, to re-construct.

No nonsense and no empty lingo.

I'm obsessed with personal development. Growth that starts at the end of one's comfort zone. And contribution. I'm a manic everyday learner and consider myself a life-long student. I believe in the power of education to change the world. But. If you're looking for a wall of academic diplomas in my office, you're looking in the wrong place. I hack the formal education system and I stand with the hackers.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

― Mark Twain

I up-skill and train continuously. I buy books. A lot. And I read them. I do workshops, I watch talks, documentaries and interviews. You get the picture here.


I always figure things out - by doing them. Therefore I start before I'm ready. Because I believe in progress not in perfection. (I've learned these life changing principles some time ago from Marie Forleo, look her up, she's rare.) 


I meditate and pray. In fact, I'm a spirit junkie. And a nutrition one. I prepare my own body-care and house-care products, and I cook always from scratch, from carefully selected ingredients only. You get the picture here too - it's all about holistic wellbeing. I keep it simple and meaningful because I believe less is more. And that's exactly what you get by working with me. 

My smile is genuine, but small talk is not my cup of tea. I cut through b-shit. I torment over purpose and meaning, empowerment and consciousness of language. Both at a personal, and organisations level. 

So, what's in it for you? 

 Well. If you feel you've lost the direction, or feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the gazillions of methodologies, technologies and other type of authorities out there, I've got you covered.


 I'm here to guide you to cut through nonsense back to meaningful fundamentals, and equip you with the mindset and tailor-made tools for cleaning up the mess. Press the reset button if needed.

Be it in your business, organisation, brand, team. Or in your personal life.  

Know though that I don't offer The-Magic-7-Step-In-7-Day-Route-To-Heaven type of guide. If that's what you are looking for, I love and respect you, but that's not me.


After 18 years I know that I’m fed up with best-in-class-cutting-edge-game-changing-shiny-and-empty-lingo-roles-and-tools for the sake of self indulgent marketeers and advertisers. And there is another way, a sustainable and substantial one. And it’s easy to access, and it doesn’t have to be an intimidating formula coming in a fancy armour.

In fact, nothing that I do is formulaic. Nor in fancy armour. It is as eclectic and authentic as I can be, bringing in one ecosystem all my possible know-how, that goes significantly beyond business and MarCom. It’s never formulaic, yet it’s always rock-hard methodical. Hint: I’m a clear-cut Myers-Briggs INTJ profile. It's called "The Architect" for a reason. 

What I bring to the party is sustainable. It's addressing the root cause not the symptoms. It's transformation and alignment at identity and purpose level. Because knowing who you are and why you are here is the ultimate power.








Leaving a safe permanent job at the end of 2016 and the world of globally awarded creative agencies, to be on my own, felt like getting out from the zoo into the jungle. I freaked out at the beginning and doubted everything I thought I knew. But after few good yoga poses, I reclaimed my centre. Hakuna Matata.


(Actually, not really. I needed much more than few good yoga poses. In my last permanent role, due to sustained bullying, I developed a nasty anxiety disorder that took me to the emergency room 3 times. I've started a bumpy yet fabulous healing journey. A journey back to fundamentals. To who I really am. Yoga, EFT, A Course In Miracles, CBT, NLP, logotherapy - by the way, this has nothing to do with logos!, acupuncture, holotropic breathwork, essential oils, flowers remedies, holistic detox, plant based nutrition, celery juice movement, meditation, nature, purpose, alignment, fulfilment.) And that's why I can genuinely help you too. Because I know how the darkness looks like.


“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

― Maya Angelou


While I slowed down and allowed myself to heal, I also went back to first loves like brand & communication strategy, and creative development. I continued to feed my passion for management, leadership, organisation design, culture transformation. I deep-dived into social media marketing, digital marketing, content writing - I've graduated Marie Forleo’s copywriting program. And, I am cultivating know-how in web design and UX.

Here is one of my dearest projects that encapsulates it all, get in touch for more information:

I study at Robbins-Madanes Training which offers the most complete coaching model available, with the most vanguard coaching methods in the world, creating breakthroughs that last. I am soon to be an officially certified coach, and I've been studying and using Tony Robbins's methods for more than 7 years now.

In my everyday consultancy work I have a systemic approach, I demystify for my clients complex industry concepts and I expose their fibs. 
Bottom line, I take my clients on a journey of alignment to, and through, fundamentals: both of their business and marketing, and of their own purpose, values and identity. These fundamentals are rooted in core human psychology and spirituality that we all access, therefore the result is a powerful business AND personal puzzle coming together. Naturally, and in a sustainable act. 

Consequently, I empower leaders and their organisations to create authentic value and behaviours for both their market and employees.







My corporate career life meant 15 years of integrated marketing communications in some of the most creative agencies in the world. I've been through a variety of seasons in which I feel I had it all, and I'm incredibly grateful:

Both on global and local accounts. Both in big and small organisations. Both strategic and operational.

Both dealing with the Brand Manager who oversees the very last execution detail and with the Global Brand Director whose mandate is disruptive brand story, brand strategy and communications consistency across 4 continents.

Both leading the creative development and the 'making phase', while leading Procurement and scope conversations.

Both overseeing the big picture and deep diving into the granular detail whenever the team needed support.

Both working by myself, growing a team of ten and overseeing 32 markets and 15 brands.

Both development and deployment.

Both following given paths and setting up complete new ways of working for big network clients.

Both working with an established team and building one from the ground up.

Mentoring, training, coaching. Group, and individual. 

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